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Black aluminum frame with glass
Black passe-partout with white trim
(Pure paper size 84.1 x 59.4 / Din A1)
Drawing in red and black ink on paper.
Second work in the ongoing series Warriors.
The work is deliberately based on the golden section, which gives it a
certain harmony is given. If you follow the contours of the areas you will find yourself
very quickly in the Golden Spiral. All image areas and shapes are accurate
based on the calculations of Fibonacci and are thus in exact relation to each other.
Thus, Naki represents the softer counterpart to the earlier work Dałaa.
The two light, horizontal lines on the face enclose the eyes in a soft one
and wistful look. They are indicated by five vertical red lines above the
Cheekbones balanced in the center of the image.
The name Naki comes from the traditional language of the West Apache and means

  • Artist

    Caspar Emilius Graf

  • Technique/Material

    Ink drawing on paper

  • Dimensions


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